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about wohnfonds_wien

vienna – building future

wohnfonds_wien was founded in 1984 to provide land for state-subsidised housing construction and to supervise the restoration of old houses. From this a programme for urban expansion and renewal has developed, which has gained international recognition.

As a limited-profit organisation wohnfonds_wien coordinates property developers, house owners, municipal departments and service centres of the municipality of Vienna. The president of wohnfonds_wien is the city councillor responsible for living, housing and urban renewal in Vienna.

incentives for the city

wohnfonds_wien ensures high quality in subsidised housing construction and the renovation of older buildings. Its activities benefit Vienna´s residents, the cityscape, the environment and social sustainability as well as Vienna´s overall image as a role model for international town planning.

who is heading wohnfonds_wien?
Gregor Puscher, managing director wohnfonds_wien, Kathrin Gaál, vice mayor and city councillor for housing, urban development and women and Dieter Groschopf, vice managing director wohnfonds_wien
  • president: Kathrin Gaál, vice mayor and city councillor for housing, urban development and women
  • managing director: Gregor Puscher
  • vice managing director: Dieter Groschopf

our tasks

renovation experts

wohnfonds_wien is in charge of the subsidised renovation of apartment blocks, the conversion of existing buildings into apartments as well as the renovation of residential homes. The main focus, however, is on the general renovation of occupied private apartment blocks. The total refurbishment of vacant buildings is also


Since the year 2000, another important focus of the state subsidies has been the renovation of apartment blocks built between 1950 and 1970 incorporating thermal energy. This renovation, called `Thewosan´, aims to reduce energy consumption, additionally also air pollutants and CO2, and improves living conditions. Wherever possible, thermal-energy renovation is incorporated into nearly all types of renovation, including the renovation of objects built in the 19th century.


new flair in new neighbourhoods

High quality planning and implementation as well as comfortable, affordable living characterise the subsidised housing construction in

Vienna. This combination is internationally

admired. wohnfonds_wien has implemented the so-called 'four-pillars-model', comprising architecture, ecology, economy and social sustainability.

Following these criteria, every subsidised housing construction project is reviewed either by the Land Advisory Board or in a public property development competition.

Since its foundation, wohnfonds_wien has provided approximately 3.7 million square metres of land for more than 51,400 subsidised new apartments.


building experts

Public property development competitions and the experts in the Land Advisory Board have not only increased the quality of housing projects, but also significantly improved the related costs. Furthermore, wohnfonds_wien is also responsible for providing land for subsidised housing projects. Well-directed purchase strategies of properties with development potential have cut basic costs of the Viennese property market. Forward-thinking project management has seen land developed into `ready-to-use´ building ground.


To understand Vienna´s unique housing-situation you have to know it´s history. The following short film from October 2021 shows the long-standing history of affordable housing in Vienna.

The on-going political ideology ensures future generations have access to high quality and affordable apartments, which makes Vienna a great place to live.

affordable housing in vienna